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Young Carers Research Group - Loughborough University


Current Research

The YCRG, led by Professor Jo Aldridge, is undertaking the first ever study to uncover the numbers of young carers in England. The study, which is funded by the Department for Education and conducted in partnership with TNS-BMRB, will also examine the impacts of caring on children and young people from age 5-17 years. Using both quantitative, survey-based methods, as well as in-depth qualitative approaches, the study will produce both prevalence and effects data to give a complete picture of young caring in England. For more details about this study, please contact Jo Aldridge:

Some examples of YCRG research projects and evaluations

“Who cares about me?” Young Carers' Mental Health and Well Being Needs
Manchester Carers Forum (MCF) and the Young Carers Research Group (YCRG)

Young Carers’ Needs Analysis

"Pictures of Young Caring" - Dr. Jo Aldridge and Dr. Darren Sharpe

Publication now availiable click here for PDF (24mb) or go to downloadable publications.

This research project has been graded ‘Outstanding’ by the Economic and Social Research Council – the highest grade possible for any research project funded by the ESRC. Based on evaluations of the end of award report, the Outstanding grade reflects evaluators’ judgements that the project makes an ‘important contribution to the development of the subject and that it makes an exceptional research contribution well above average or very high in relation to the level of the award’.

Findings from the research study are presented and discussed in the downloadable document – Pictures of Young Caring.

Evaluation of Capital Carers Young Carers Project …Ten Years On