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Young Carers Research Group - Loughborough University

YCRG - Network

Given the growing numbers of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, charities and other organisations from across the globe who are interested in young carers’ issues and given the huge numbers of calls (etc) we field here in the YCRG, we thought it would be useful to set up an internet based information exchange network. If you are interested in research, practice and in communicating with others interested in young carers from across the world then please subscribe to There is no cost and it will mean sharing and advancing understanding and knowledge about young caring both here and abroad. You are experts in the area of practice and service delivery for young carers and their families and it would benefit both them and your project if you joined. So, if you have a question, want to get in touch with others working in the field or are able to answer others’ questions then please join up. If you simply want to introduce yourself and the work of your project so that others know that you are a subscriber and that you have expertise in specific areas of young carers’ work, then (again) please join.

To subscribe:

  1. in order to join the mailing list you should send an e-mail message to: containing the single command: subscribe ycrg-network
  2. Majordomo will e-mail you back to confirm your subscription (and instruct you how to unsubscribe).
  3. Alternatively you can send us your e-mail address and we can arrange your subscription for you.
  4. Once you, as a subscriber, e-mail the address, your message is sent immediately to everyone subscribed on the list.